Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Chemotherapy Skin Cream Improves Sun-Damaged and Wrinkled Skin
The battle against aging and its tell-tale signs is universal, as there is just no escape from this natural human progression. The fight actually begins in a person’s early twenties, although visible signs may not become apparent for years. External aging occurs due to environmental factors including exposure to the rays of the sun. Together, natural aging and sun exposure can ravage the appearance of the skin.

From the application of sunscreen to the use of moisturizing soaps and creams to medical cosmetic procedures, the struggle to reduce the appearance of damaged and aging skin is an ongoing effort by more than a few of us. The newest form of treatment has recently been discovered by researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School. With the topical application of the chemotherapy drug fluorouracil, a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and sun-damaged areas, as well a reduction of potentially precancerous patches, may be achieved.

Used in the treatment of colon, head and neck, pancreas, and other types of cancers, fluorouracil has contributed to noticeable changes in the skin appearance of patients who have received the drug. This prompted the development of a skin cream that containing fluorouracil in hopes of reducing the appearance of unsightly blotches and spots, and preventing the possible development of skin cancer.

To test the new skin cream, Dr. Dana L. Sachs and colleagues conducted a study of 21 healthy volunteers, ages 56 to 85, whose faces had sun-damaged skin and/or potentially cancerous skin lesions known as actinic keratoses. The participants applied the cream containing 5% fluorouracil to their faces twice daily for a two-week period. The results revealed that the average number of actinic keratoses was reduced from 11.6 lesions to 1.5 lesions per person. In addition, improvements were also noted in damage related to aging such as the reduction of wrinkles and liver spots.

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